Friday, May 22, 2009


Since September of last year my daughter has been attending classes to become a Phlebotomists and an EKG Specialist. I am extremely proud of her. Working full time and going to class three nights a week.

There are so many young single mothers working and attending school to make a better life for themselves but also, for their children. I commended each and every one of these wonderful young mothers.

Sadly, yesterday evening as my daughter was getting off the bus she became a victim of arm robbery. People watched as, she was standing there at an ATM machine, crying while this Youngman held a gun under his shirt.

She waited for more then 20 minutes for the Philadelphia Police to answer to an arm robbery. My youngest child called me hysterical crying, my god I felt so helpless. As my friend Michael and I went speeding down Broad Street, trying to reach her. Finally after waiting for sometime, a 22nd Police District Police officer arrived.

They drove around the area hoping they might be able to locate this man and of course nothing. What do I tell her? My daughter was so traumatize that she would not even go to work. All I could say, that everything is going to be alright. Victims of crime will never feel completely the same. No matter what type of crime, it is murder, rape, domestic violence, assault, robbery and so on. You will never feel the same again.

Now, I understand why so many innocent people are now protecting themselves.

So, to all victims of every crime, my heart goes out to you and my prayers that, maybe one day you will be able to trust again.